Glow Worm Boilers repairs for homes in Bracknell

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Glow Worm Boiler Engineers in BracknellDrayton Boiler Services Ltd Plumbing is a specialist in Glow Worm boiler repairs and breakdowns, we also offer Glow Worm boiler servicing and Glow Worm boiler installation. Our team offering the highest level of expertise and customer service you would expect from an industry leader. We service and repair Glow Worm boilers, guaranteeing you fast, efficient and cost-effective service through our team of trained and qualified professionals. Call now and talk to one of our helpful and friendly office team resolve your Glow Worm boiler problem: Bracknell 01344 721 954


Living in or around Bracknell, we repair Glow Worm boilers.

The range, design and quality of Glow Worm boilers have improved remarkably over recent years and homes around Bracknell who have had Glow Worm Boilers installed should always kept up to date with regular servicing to maintain your boiler. However we also understand this can sometimes lapse and your Glow Worm boiler will need some repair from time to time,

Our experienced central heating engineers know the best plumbing systems to accommodate them. We can source, supply and fit your Glow Worm boiler for you while you relax and enjoy your home. If you’ve already bought your Glow Worm boiler, we are happy to fit for you.

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Glow Worm boiler repairs in Bracknell

Bracknell Glow Worm boiler breakdown

Unfortuntely boilers don't last for ever and from time to time we have a boiler breakdown that simply isn't worth the cost of repairing. Many of the homes that had a Glow Worm boiler installed since 1990 are exceeding their replacement date. With harder and colder winters and changes in how we use our boilers for central heating it is not uncommon to be replacing the Glow Worm boiler within 10 years of installation.

If you think your boiler is broken beyond repair - Do not worry, replacing your boiler with new is perhaps the cheapest it has ever been. Call now for a no obligation quote 01344 721 954.

Bracknell Glow Worm boilers faults

In more recent years some of the larger builders installed the Glow Worm boilers. It was small, efficient and cheap which has ment in recenly there have been common problems and faults with this boiler range.

A faulty Glow Worm PCB board is one of the most regular problems with Glow Worm boilers. We can replace your PCB board simply and easily in one visit, therefore getting your boiler and central heating back up and running quickly. Once your Glow Worm has been repaired you should have trouble free heating for the remaing liftime of your boiler.

Before you pay 100's of pounds to an emgergency call our plumber for a simple job, talk to us before you spend: 01344 721 954.